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What is No-Luggage?

We all have been in a situation where our flight’s time is really an inconvenient for our trip journeys. At some point we need to leave the hotel at 11 a.m. but we need to wait for the flight till the night, or maybe we are at a business fair and you don’t know what to do with your luggage . For all these cases, No-Luggage is the perfect solution, a company that works at the Barcelona and Madrid airport.

No-Luggage is a luggage delivery and pick up service at/from the airport that you should use now every time you visit Madrid or Barcelona, so you can enjoy the low price experience of no carry the bags.



Booking with No-Luggage is really easy; we will show you how to liberate yourself from your luggage at the trips with these simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Book directly from our main web.

Step 2: Book 24h before your flight so we could pick up correctly you luggage.

Step 3: Leave with us your luggage and enjoy the day with no-luggage. If you are in a hotel, leave your luggage at reception and we will pick it up at the time booked.

Step 4: Enjoy the day meanwhile we take care of your belongings.

Step 5: At the airport, find us in our stand. At your time booked, pick up your luggage and do the check in without queues.

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No-Luggage is really comfortable; easy, you don’t need to worried about your belongings since the hotel check out till the airport check in, leaving you the time to relax and enjoy the city.

No-Luggage is really safe; we use anchor flange for your luggage signed by you. This system is the same that banks use when they carried out money. No-Luggage has as well with a 3.000 insurance for your luggage.

No-Luggage is effective; our employees follow the protocol that guaranties the highest standards of quality and punctuality. Furthermore, our warehouse is pretty close to the airport so we can delivery on time.

No-Luggage is economic; is a luxury service for everyone, it just costs since 16 Euros for two bags with no charges apply for visa payment. Using our services you can enjoy your stay with no luggage or worries, saving time and money.

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