Pasos para hacer la maleta perfecta

How to do the perfect suitcase

All of us would like to have someone that will pack for us every time we need to take a plane and travel, especially when we travel often. In No-Luggage, we cannot go to your home and help you choosing what to put inside it, but we actually can give you some tips that will make easier this routine. Furthermore, one that you zip up and locked the bag, forget about it because we take care of it and delivery to the airport or hotel indicated.

Keep reading for learning some tips that will help you on your travel routine forever:

  1. TIME

Dedicate some time to prepare your luggage even though on this occasion you fly light. Reserve a couple of hours to practice an art that people had been doing it for hundreds of years. In fact, its convenient have it already prepared a couple days before, but relax, you will not become a planner neurotic. Anything is better than leave it until the last time because you will forget something, for sure.

The perfect suitcase


Nowadays, the Luggage has become in our best friend, is not anymore that object that we bring to life when we need to travel. We need to take some time now when we go choosing one and take care of it. The style of our bag will depend on ours needs; every trip has the perfect bag, even though is always recommendable to have two types (the cabin and the big one for longer trips). You must not forget the handbag because will help you to have all the important things with you.


The smarter step is choosing the concept that will contain your bag. Not all our trips follows the same concept. Undoubtedly, we need to have this present if we aim success on every holiday. You must do this before past to the next step.


The big allies for our holidays are the pocket entertainment. Every well-done bag includes a plays list, an exciting book and a couple of magazines to catch up.

Essentials for any travel


The Little things are responsible of our happiness. We are talking about the phone charger, the 600gr of ibuprofen, hair bands, adapters, etc. These little objects are small but they have a big significance in our lives, we need to give them attention.

  1. THE LAST (but not less) TIP…

After five intense efforts packing, forget about carrying your bag and book our services. With No-Luggage, you can travel without luggage so your last worry will be unpacking it.

Travel without luggage

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