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“San Juan”: the shortest and wonderful night in Barcelona

The Saint John’s Festival (“La revetlla de Sant Joan” on catalan or “verbena de San Juan” in spanish) is one of the most emblematic traditions in Spain that allows travelers to discover one of the so many and colorful sides of the city. If you are in Barcelona for this eve, we invite you to keep reading and benefit from some extra time thanks to the mobile locker services offered by No Luggage. Don’t miss anything from this unforgettable night!

Known as the “Night of St John” or the “Night of Fire” (Nit de Foc), is a traditional party that takes place on the night of June 23rd. Food, dance and fire are the kings and queens of a night that seeks to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice (with a few days delay) and the birth of Saint John the Baptist for Catholics.

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At the beginning it was considered as a family tradition, but its historical character and deep roots in the catalan population have turned this celebration into a big party all around the territory, with colorful celebrations that go from the main streets and neighborhoods squares to the beaches of Barcelona and around. Year after year this festivity attracts thousands of travelers and visitors from all over Spain and around the world.

From its traditional perspective, one of the most important moments of the evening is when the Canigó Flame arrives into the Sant Jaume square in the Gothic Neighborhood late in the afternoon (19:30h). The flame is received by the authorities of the municipality, the Áliga (Eagle) and the City Giants, and then the representatives of each neighborhood  of Barcelona “take” the fire for lighting the bonfires of the city and officially start the eve.

With the lighting of the bonfires the celebration officially begins, offering a variety of activities to enjoy, including local festivities, music concerts, dance shows and food offers in every neighborhood of the city. The fire and the fireworks lead the evening together with the popular coca dulce de San Juan. Click here for a detailed calendar of the festivity.

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Feel free on the shortest night of the year

As we said before, the celebration is not limited to the streets and neighborhoods but it also arrives to the beach which open spaces offer a more international ambiance with its “chiringuitos” open to public, music, fireworks and a lot of people celebrating and sharing good times by the sea. For those who like to party the city clubs also offer many choices with the St. Johns spirit.

The celebrations last until dawn, so if you are planning to come to Barcelona only for this specific festivity and you whish to enjoy all the activities the city has planned for you, we strongly recommend you to use the mobile luggage storage service offered by No Luggage so you can forget about your luggage and be completely free to enjoy the shortest night of the year.

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