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A JOURNEY IN BARCELONA: discover the symbolic architecture of the city.

Barcelona considered one of the European city that cannot be visit in just one day. The Catalan capital is a big city that contain more than twenty centuries of history, its essence is hard to concentrate with few words. Its monumental and artistic wealth, its spectacular façade and its several districts make impossible see Barcelona in less than 24 hours. With No-Luggage, you can visit the city meanwhile we take care of your luggage, so you do not carry your bag.

Today, we want to share with all of you a touristic route that will show you the most perfectionist and recognized architecture in the city. Are you ready? Grab some notes:

Palau Güell: first important order of Gaudí at the beginning of his career. It is a brilliant example of the domestic architecture in the modernism context, Gaudí knew how to design a functional palace adapted to the family needs. The building stands out for its innovator conception of the space and light, considered as the essential work for understand his architecture.

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Palau de la Música Catalana: one of the most specials concert room in the world and one of the biggest representative monument of the Catalan modernism. It is a building with a flashy exterior and surprising interior.

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Casa Batlló: is the Gaudí’s masterpiece, considered the piece key to the modernism architecture of the city. It truly had converted as a myth of art. Behind the surprising front of the building hides a fantasy world, the universe of the artist. You can find it at the heart of the city, being the most visited and rated by the tourist of Barcelona.

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La Pedrera: it is a surprising building that charming the tourists, especially the attic, considered one of the biggest masterpiece of Gaudí. You will find it at the same street as the Casa Batlló, it really reflect the Gaudí artistic peak in a moment when he was working in several projects for the city.

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Casa Vicens: modernism building at the Gràcia quarter and first relevant project of Gaudí. This work belongs to the oriental phase of the architect, inspired by the orientalist. At the façade, we could find the ceramic tiles, bricks and dome endings.

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These five buildings have special facades to admire during your stay at Barcelona. Do not forget to book the No-Luggage services for visit the city without being worry about your luggage because we will take care of it and transfer it from/at the airport.

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