NoLuggage services at Madrid and Barcelona airports

No-Luggage is now active at the Barcelona-El Prat and Madrid-Barajas airports. This two host the highest number of weekly flights in the world, and nowadays, corporate travelers connect them daily.

Due to the big demand between this two airports, now there are permanent flights every peak hour which means a flight every 10 minutes. More than 50 millions of passangers have flight between these two airports, Madrid and Barcelona.

NoLuggage now in Madrid y Barcelona

There are many advantages when we search for flights between these two big cities. The timetables are coordinated, the booking routine is easier and their prices are cheaper. That is why many travelers prefer flying from one city to the other, plus the actual comfort of having No Luggage services at the airport, that lets you enjoy the day with no baggage.

If we talk about the company that actually works at these two cities, is Vueling. Vueling is nowadays the most important airline in Spain, for the passengers that have transported and the wide airplane fleet that owns. At the begginig, Vueling, was recognized as a “Low-Cost” company. Things have changed and now it is known as a traditional airline asociated to the quality and competitive market prices.

NoLuggage and Vueling

Most of you have flown with this company at least once. Its flight security and experience gives you reasons enough for repeating with them. Your desire for flying will increase after knowing the advantages that you can obtain now. If you are a Vueling client on your next trip, you will obtain a 10% discount on our luggage services. We will transfer your luggage from the airport to the hotel or home, and vice versa.

10% discount in NoLuggage with Vueling

As No-Luggage, we want to make your trips easier and comfortable, so you can enjoy the journey without bags thanks to our service. Do not hesitate on booking No-Luggage and feel the #experienceNoLuggage.

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